Assay Office Assured Hallmarks

A full Hallmark is your guarantee for the quality and purity of the precious metal you buy whether Sterling Silver, Gold or Platinum. The Hallmark guarantees metal purity, it tells you what metal it is, the year it was made,  who made the item of jewellery and at which Assay Office it was Hallmarked.

All new UK made precious metal items over a specified weight should carry a full UK Hallmark (which is UK law) sterling silver should be hallmarked if the items weight is up to or over 7.78grams. 

I would always recommend choosing jewellery that is is Hallmarked as it ensures the items you are buying is not made of inferior, fake or plated metal. Some traders may stamp their silver with 925 or Sterling Silver, this is OK as long as the items is not up to or over 7.78grams in weight, in which case a full UK Hallmark is required by law. There are exceptions for this such as if the item is quite old, for more information visit an official Assay Office site via the link below.

All jewellery sold on my website is sent to the Edinburgh Assay Office for full hallmarking where it is tested and stamp hallmarked. The Assay Office test each individual piece of jewellery for precious metal type and purity, they then add all required hallmarks being, date mark, their own mark (a castle) makers mark (my registered hallmark UG) these marks guarantee the quality of the Silver jewellery you have purchased.

There are only four Assay Offices in the UK, London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh each Assay Office has its own particular symbol/mark:

London - Panthers Head, Birmingham - Anchor, Sheffield - Tudor Rose and Edinburgh - Castle.

For more information on hallmarking and UK laws do check out one of the  above Assay Offices websites: