Rustic Copper Cuff Bangle SOLD
Rustic Copper Cuff Bangle SOLDRustic Copper Cuff Bangle SOLDRustic Copper Cuff Bangle SOLD

Rustic Copper Cuff Bangle SOLD

This Rustic Copper Cuff Bangle is a one of a kind item and has been handcrafted by me. A similar one could be made to order however no two would be the same. The Cuff bangle is approximately 4.2cm wide and has and oval shape and would fit a medium to large wrist. It has an anti-clastic curve so is very comfortable to get on and off and to wear. To get the textured effect the Copper has been annealed (heated until it glows red) a few times so the metal can be folded hammered and unfolded a number of times called (Fold Forming)
Its then shaped into a cuff and cleaned and polished. I then run the flame over the copper to get these lovely colours it is then sealed with Renaissance wax.
Copper has a beautiful warm quality and is renowned for it's healing ability and is offten worn to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.
Your Rustic Copper Cuff Bangle will be presented in a gift boxes and posted via 1st class Royal Mail recorded delivery (signed for) to any UK address free of charge.


Sold or Sold Out - Please email me, i can often make items to order!