About the Jewellery

Each piece of Jewellery has been designed and exclusively handcrafted and finished in the workshop by me. I use traditional Silversmithing techniques to make each piece and use only high quality materials such as Sterling Silver or Britannia Silver which I purchase from reputable UK bullion dealers.  Each piece is then sent to one of four of the official UK Assay Offices where it is stamped with the appropriate UK hallmarks (I use the Edinburgh Assay Office) Copper jewellery is not required to be hallmarked. However an exception to this would be if the copper  piece is designed with and or combined with a precious metal and the precious metal exceeds the weight required to be hallmarked.

For more information on hallmarking please visit the hallmarking section at the bottom of the Home Page.

I also love to craft jewellery that has been forged from copper or bronze or to combine sterling silver with copper or bronze, such jewellery will be clearly indicated and any materials used will be detailed in the description pane. In addition there will also be one-off items offered for sale, these pieces will include my handmade glass cabochons or unusual natural stone cabochons. I love to incorporate these natural beauties into a unique one-off piece.

My designs are inspired by the natural wonders we see around us (no mater how small) and the strong contemporary shapes in both the natural and man-made world. It is my intention to design jewellery that is practical yet stylish to wear and that has a timeless elegance so it can be worn and enjoyed for many years to come.

Some of my designs incorporate beautiful semi-precious stones such as Topaz, Amethyst, Quartz, Garnets and Citrine these are just a few of my favourites. Semi-precious gemstones in jewellery are a way of owning your own little natural wonder to be worn and admired.  All semi precious gemstones are purchased from a reputable UK supplier  www.wardgemstones.com who pride themselves on the quality of their stones. If you see an item of jewellery and would like it made with a particular semi precious gemstone not listed in any of the options then please do contact me via email to discuss your requirements:  julie@juliebrandonjewellery.co.uk

 Care of your Jewellery.

With just a little care and attention your jewellery will look great and last for many years to come, to help you keep your jewellery looking great for as long as possible I have a few nuggets of advice:

Many chemicals such as hairspray and perfume can affect how your jewellery looks so avoid spraying your jewellery with these or similar types of substances.

With time all Sterling Silver will start to discolor, as it reacts with chemicals in the air it darkens and discolors this is called tarnish or oxidisation.  This process can be minimised by sealing it away in an air tight plastic zip seal bag when not being worn, this will also stop it form getting scratched.

If your jewellery does start to look dull and becomes slightly tarnished bring it back to life again by following a few simple procedures.  Simply polishing it regularly with a Silver Polishing Cloth will help it remain clean and shiny. Silver Polishing Cloths can be purchased from most supermarkets or on eBay quite cheaply and they last for a long time so it is worth getting one (keep your polishing cloth in a plastic bag) to prolong its life. A particular polishing cloth that i recommend is Talk Town silver polishing cloth which also works great when polishing Copper.

If your jewellery is particularly dirty and dark grey in colour with tarnish/oxidation then first clean with hot soapy water (washing up liquid is good) and a toothbrush, dry it and then use a Silver Dip liquid whereby you submerge the jewellery in the dip (also available in most supermarkets) please see Silver dip label for recommended times of submersion. This may vary depending on the manufacturer of the dip you have purchased. Once it has been submerged for the recommended time then simply rinse it in clean soapy water again with a toothbrush then rinse in clean water, dry it (kitchen towel is good) and finally polish it with a Silver Polishing Cloth.

Do not use Silver Dip on oxidised silver jewellery if you want it to remain dark, as the dip solution will remove the oxidation (just wash in hot soapy water) and polish with a soft cloth (kitchen towel is great)

To get the best out of your jewellery and minimise damage I also recommend taking jewellery off before going to bed or swimming.


All jewellery purchased from us is posted to the customers in either one of my signature gift boxes or a draw string gift bag and placed in padded evelopes for protection. Our gift boxes are environmentally friendly and are made from a high grade eco friendly biodegradable plastic made from a by product of vegetable oil and the box can be composted if desired. However I do recommend keeping your jewellery in the gift box and inside a zip lock plastic bag when not being worn  this will protected jewellery and help protect if from scratches and tarnish.

Bracelet Size Guide

       CHILDRENS            LENGTH INCHES            LENGTH CM

    6 months to 1 year               4.5''                               11.43cm

    1 - 2 Years                          5''                                 12.70cm

    2 -5 Years                           5.5''                              13.97cm

    6 - 8 Years                          6''                                 15.24cm

     9-13 Years                          6.5''                               16.51cm  

       WOMEN                  LENGTH INCHES              LENGTH CM

  Small                                 7''                                    17.78cm

             Medium                            7.5 - 8''                             19.05 - 20.32cm

   Large                                 8.5''                                 21.59cm

    Xlarge                                9''                                  22.86cm                        

         MEN                      LENGTH INCHES                  LENGTH CM

   Small                                8''                                     20.32cm

    Medium                            8.5''                                  21.59cm

     Large                                9''                                   22.86cm



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